What is CORE

Do you know how your marketing campaigns are seen, learned, processed, liked, reacted to, prioritized, confirmed, decided on, acted on, and felt emotionally?

How is decision made?


This is your Digital Psychometric Typology.

All marketing and sales campaingns based on industry observance and collected transaction data are potentially reaching ONLY 1/3 of their target audience or less!

What is the best way to engage and attract prospects and customers?

Digital environment

Fingerprint into digital typology

CORE describes basic psychological preferences.
We know how to connect and persuade.

Segmentation & targeted content

CORE Sales Psychometrics™ provides an effective combination of know-how and expertise to connect the two fields of psychometric segmentation and creating effective marketing content.

Proven results and scientific studies show significant improvements in success rates, behavioural engagement and action.

Explicit Personalization is the future!
We have it today.