Product and Services

Are you happy with low conversion rates?
How much do you invest for a few hundredths of a percentage points higher?

When you need to get it right the first time!

Conventional predictive analytics does not understand human emotions, impulses and empathy.

We understand!


CORE Sales Psychometrics is the analysis of human behaviors and targeting them through digital marketing.

Other providers try to identify potential customers based on predictive models, analytics, and simple demographics.

That is guessing and not effective!

CORE understands your customers and what makes them tick.

CORE Sales Psychometrics interprets your data points and focuses on understanding cognitive attributes, such as customer values, and attitudes.

Why CORE works?

We leverage our knowledge, interpretation and insights to drive more targeted marketing campaigns designed to acquire new customers.

Your campaigns must bring added value and opportunities to the customer to help them make the right decision.


Our service is based on proven worldwide expertise of over 60 years. We interpret your data and user profiles, segment them into accurate digital profiles and then create matching marketing digital content using the correct channel.